Viggi Corp - Digit Widgit Educator Kit: 30 Blocks and Balance


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    Product Description: Includes 30 blocks, one balance, and a 32-page activity guide. Proudly made in the U.S.A. of high-quality, natural woods. Number that you can touch Experience numbers and equations in real-time using the Digit Widgit"Ü blocks and balance. The blocks are weighted so that when the 1 & 2 blocks are stacked on one side of the balance and the 3 on the other, it is equal and the balance stays level! But if the math is wrong, the balance will tip to the heavier side. Students can visually see how math works right in front of their eyes. Math as a sensory experience Playing with the Digit Widgit is highly tactile. The hardwood blocks are substantial which provides deep sensory feedback while interaction with them. The sizes of the bocks also have indentations that are a tactile way for indicating the block""`s number. What can be taught? Through curiosity and some guided inquiry, this learning tool can be used to teach concepts from counting to basic algebra. Learn through exploration and build a solid foundation for future STEM skills. The activity guide has straightforward illustrations that show how to use Digit Widgit"Ü to engage students in many different areas of math and STEM education: "Ø Counting and one-to-one correspondence "Ø Number symbols and names "Ø Shapes and colors "Ø Equality "Ø Addition "Ø Multiplication "Ø Mechanical Advantage "Ø Prediction and Estimation "Ø Basic algebra See more about the Digit Widgit: Copy and Paste the links below into your browser.

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