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ROM (fonts) - Korean fonts - for Lexmark B2546, B2650, B2865, C2425, C2535, MB2546, MB2650, MB2770, MC2640, MX721, MX826


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Product Description

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Main Specifications
Product Description Lexmark ROM (fonts)
Product Type ROM - fonts
Content Korean fonts
Designed For Lexmark B2338, B2442, B2546, B2650, B2865, C2425, C2535, CS421, CS521, CS622, CX421, CX522, CX622, CX625, M1242, M1246, M3250, MB2338, MB2442, MB2546, MB2650, MB2770, MC2325, MC2425, MC2535, MC2640, MS725, MS821, MS822, MS823, MS825, MS826, MX321, MX721, MX722, MX822, MX826, XM1242, XM1246, XM3250
Type ROM - fonts
Module Content Korean fonts
Compatibility Information
Designed For Lexmark B2338DW, B2442dw, B2546dn, B2546dw, B2650DN, B2650dw, B2865dw, C2425dw, C2535dw, CS421dn, CS521dn, CS622de, CS727de, CS728de, CS820de, CS827de, CX421adn, CX522ade, CX622ade, CX625ade, CX625adhe, CX727de, CX827de, M1242, M1246, M3250, MB2338adw, MB2442adwe, MB2546ade, MB2546adwe, MB2650adwe, MB2770adhwe, MB2770adwhe, MC2325adw, MC2425adw, MC2535adwe, MC2640adwe, MS321dn, MS421dn, MS521dn, MS621dn, MS622de, MS725dvn, MS821dn, MS822de, MS823dn, MS825dn, MS826de, MX321adn, MX421ade, MX521ade, MX521de, MX522adhe, MX622ade, MX622adhe, MX721ade, MX721adhe, MX722ade, MX722adhe, MX822ade, MX822adxe, MX826ade, MX826adxe, XC4140, XM1242, XM1246, XM3250

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