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Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 2 years (2nd/3rd year) - with 3-years Total Protection Upgrade - for Aspire 14XX, 9920; Aspire 3; Aspire Timeline 48XX; Aspire TimelineX 5820; TravelMate P259


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Product Description Acer - extended service agreement - 2 years - 2nd/3rd year
Type Extended service agreement
Service Included Parts and labor
Full Contract Period 2 years
Support Period 2nd and 3rd year
Bundled with 3-years Total Protection Upgrade
Designed For Aspire 14XX, 15XX, 18XX, 3810, 45XX, 48XX, 5253, 55XX, 57XX, 5810, 77XX, 9920; Aspire 3; Aspire Timeline 3810, 48XX, 5810; Aspire TimelineX 4820, 5820; Extensa 54XX, 56XX; Ferrari ONE; TravelMate 47XX, 55XX, 57XX, 62XX, 64XX, 65XX, 81XX, 83XX, 84XX, 85XX, P259; TravelMate Timeline 8371, 8471, 8571
Service Included Parts and labor
Full Contract Period 2 years
Support Period 2nd and 3rd year
Bundled with 3-years Total Protection Upgrade
Service & Support Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 2 years ¦ Extended service agreement - replacement - 3 years
Compatibility Information
Designed For Acer Aspire 1410-2817, 1830-5474G50nki, 5253-BZ400, 5253-BZ602, 5253-BZ656, 5253-BZ659, 5253-BZ684, 5253-BZ819, 5253-BZ848, 5253-BZ893, 5253-E354G50Mnkk, 5551G-N833G32Mnck, 5551-P322G25MNKK, 5553G-N933G32MN, 5553G-N934G32Mn, 5553-N933G32Mn, 5736Z-4418, 5736Z-4427, 5736Z-4460, 5736Z-452G32Mncc, 5736Z-452G32Mnkk, 5736Z-452G32Mnrr, 5736Z-452G50Mnkk, 5736Z-453G32Mnrr, 5736Z-453G50Mn, 5736Z-453G50Mnkk, 5736Z-453G64Mnkk, 5736Z-453G64Mnrr, 5736Z-454G50Mnkk, 5736Z-454G50Mnrr, 5736Z-454G64Mnkk, 5736Z-4826, 5742-3373G32MN, 5742-384G32Mnkk, 5742-384G50Mnkk, 5742-384G64Mn, 5742-454G50Mnrr, 5742-454G64Mnkk, 5742-5464G32Mncc, 5742-6248, 5742-6413, 5742-6638, 5742-6692, 5742-6814, 5742-6838, 5742-7765, 7720G-302G16, 7720G-702G32HN, 7741-384G50Mnkk, 7741-454G50Mnkk, 9920G-602G32Mn ¦ Acer Aspire 3 A315-51-51SL ¦ Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T-352G25N, 4810TG-944G64MN, 4810TZ-414G40MN, 4810TZ-4982 ¦ Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820T-6401, 5820T-6825, 5820TG-374G50Mn, 5820TG-374G50Mnks, 5820TG-464G50MN, 5820TG-484G50Mnks, 5820TG-484G64Mn, 5820TG-484G64MNKS, 5820TG-484G75Mn, 5820TG-484G75Mnks, 5820TG-5464G50Miss, 5820TG-5464G75Mnks, 5820TG-6406, 5820TZG-P604G50Mn, 5820TZG-P613G32Mnks ¦ Acer TravelMate 4740-372G25Miss, 4740-382G32Mn, 5542G-142G25Mnss, 5542G-142G32Mnss, 5742, 5742-352G64Mnss, 5742-382G25Mnss, 5742-382G32Mnss, 5742-383G32Mn, 5742-384G32Mnss, 5742-464G50Mnss, 5742-484G50MN, 5742-6610, 5742-6645, 5742G-373G50Mnss, 5742G-374G75Mnss, 5742G-383G32Mnss, 5742G-383G50Mnss, 5742G-384G32Mn, 5742G-432G32M, 5742G-432G50Mnss, 5742G-454G64Mnss, 5742G-464G50Mnss, 5742G-464G64MN, 5742G-464G64Mnss, 5742G-484G50MN, 5742G-5464G50Mnss, 5742Z-4638, 5742ZG-P613G50Mnss, 5742ZG-P614G50Mn, 5742Z-P613G32Mn, 5742Z-P623G32Mnss, 6594-564G32Mi, 6594e-382G25Mikk, 6594G-6431, 6594G-644G50Mikk, 6594G-648G50MN, 6594G-6806, 8372G-5464G16Mnkk, 8372T-352G32Mnbb, 8372T-374G32Mnkk, 8372T-464G32Mnkk, 8372TG-353G50Mnbb, 8472T-7389, 8472TG-352G50Mnkk, P259-M-33TK

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